Cline Glass Company first established itself in the Northwest glass industry in 1895. In the years since then, Cline's has had several owners who competitively and creatively expanded the company into one of Portland's premier commercial glass houses.

Thirty years ago, Cline's took a new direction: into the world of stained and fused glass art supply. The first idea came from ordinary people who were beginning to ask for more and more colors and supporting materials for their home-based art projects. Stained and fused glass was beginning to experience an upsurge in popularity and Cline's saw an opportunity to enter into a previously untapped market. Our world of color and light was born.

From more than 25 major glass factories in the USA and abroad, Cline's chooses the most beautiful art glass in the world and makes it available to our customers. Our warehouse keeps in stock an amazing array of tools, books, patterns and materials for stained and fused glass artists. Our friendly and courteous staff share literally thousands of hours of personal glass-working experience through our extensive class instruction program, and across the counter as we answer questions and help artists improve their work and keep up-to-date on the latest glass-work technology.

Artists and craftspeople from around the world come to our showroom to choose glass, update techniques, and share their work because Cline Glass is dedicated to providing the best service and materials at competitive prices. Welcome to Cline's