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700-307516 Cobalt Blue Fuse Master Transparent Ename

The rich, vibrant colors and ease of application makes these enamels one of the most popular brands available. Viewed in transmitted light, these colors rival the brilliance and intensity of stained glass. The pallet of 42 dazzling, inter-mixable colors do not require any extra grinding and matures at 1175° F; bending and slumping temperature. Size: 1 oz. package. *Contains Gold

They may be brushed, sponged, silk-screened, air brushed or sifted on most any type of clear or colored glass. When applied with Water Friendly Medium, clean up only requires water. The stock colors may be used individually or blended to create special colors for shading or fine detail. Whether you work exclusively with enamels or are a beginner, the Transparent Enamels are an ideal addition to your studio. These colors are NOT approved for food bearing surfaces. WARNING- These enamels are lead bearing. Wear an approved dust mask while working with them. Keep your work area clean. Do not smoke, eat or drink while working the enamels. Do not use enamels on food bearing surfaces.