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700-3228 (T) Moss Satellite-Unique Glass Paints

These glass colors are pre-mixed and water soluble. They are bright and clean with a high gloss. Both transparent and opaque colors are available for use on many types of glass, on ceramic bisque and alsoover ceramic glazes. There are also 4 matte colors and an Outline Black which is also a matte.

Thinned colors can be brushed, sponged, sprayed or applied with a pen. Numbers ending in A can be mixed together for numerous shades. Colors with a number ending in B will intermix as well with the colors with numbers ending in D, E, or T. This will provide the artist with an unlimited pallet. The different letters can all be used for shading.

Thin colors to the consistency of milk, then “puddle” the color on or use the Kemper pen. Firing

from cone 017 to cone 015 on glass. 1 oz. containers.